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Does your road sign look this good?

Your road sign is one of your best forms of advertising, right? But, if it doesn’t look great, what message are you sending to potential customers? Could your road sign actually be working against you??

The impact of a great looking sign is huge. And since LED technology is becoming a mainstay in commercial lighting applications, it’s affordable too.

When we upgraded the highway sign at the McDonald’s in Jefferson, GA, the improved visibility immediately generated an additional 15+ transactions per day. With an average check of $6.50 that’s a $35,588 increase in revenues a year. While the customer originally purchased the upgrade to reduce energy and maintenance costs, they also benefited from an increase in sales too! In fact, they have contracted with us to upgrade 14 of their stores because they were so pleased with the return on investment from this project.

With an LED upgrade to your road sign, you can expect:

• Reduced energy costs and a lower electric bill

• Reduced service and maintenance costs for years to come

• Potential sales increase

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